Static Websites

£99.99 / 12 months

What Is a Static Website

Is It Right For You

A static website is best for businesses where the content rarely changes.

If you have a business that offers a service such as a plumber, electrician, lawyer, accountant, where nothing much changes regarding your activities, then this is ideal for you. It can work for any business where content does not change much .

They are very fast to load and inexpensive to maintain and are incredibly affordable.





What Is a Static Website

A static website is a simple website that contains content that rarely, if ever changes.

They are most suitable for a service business that offers a product that never varies. Building Trades, Lawyers, Chiropractors and so on. Static websites have as standard Basic 5 page website fully optimised for SEO with

  • Home Page
  • Contact Us Page -including location map, telephone and email contact
  • About Us
  • Projects
  • Product

Multilingual Static Website an option If you are a small business with nothing that changes this is a perfect low cost solution for you. Written in HTML these websites are incredibly fast loading, with many of our clients’ sites being in the top 5% of speed results. (i.e. 95% faster). Google loves fast loading websites.


  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Are extremely solid and reliable needing few updates
  • Very fast loading
  • Attractive design
  • Responsive design option


  • Need a specialist designer to build
  • Not possible to add or amend content by the owner
  • No blog facility available

For a small business that suits a static design that is the most inexpensive way to go. If at a later date your business needs change then we do offer an upgrade facility