Online Marketing System

£40.00 / month

The Online System Gives You

    A Personalised Landing Page

    Fully Optimised for SEO and Hosted by us. We add all relevant keywords to the text and to your Meta Title and Meta description and on your page so that it tells the search engines what your page is about. No other directory system does this for you and no other system prevents visitors to your page looking at your competitots pages.

    A Marketing Video

    Fully Optimised for YouTube and SEO and Hosted on our YouTube channel. We are experts in video SEO and know exactly what YouTube/Google want in order to rank a video. All the Tage in the desription and title relate to your business and your location taking into account what and where customers are searching for.

    One Event Marketing System Free For 12 Months

    A video advert and additional landing page for an advertising campaign. A short, specialist video that markets your one product or service and a message matched landing page. The video is supplied as MP4 and can be used by you anywhere. This can be taken up anytime in the first 12 months only.

    All parts work seamlessly together and also with any advertising campaign you may do.



    How The Online Marketing Systems Benefits Your Business

    The Unique System Boosts Any Business and Drastically Improves Advertising Conversions

    What Our Popular Online Marketing Package Gives You

    1. A tried and tested mobile friendly (responsive) landing page layout personalised to your business need that will “Message Match” any advertising you do and the marketing video we create.
    2. It is fully optimised for the Search Engines (SEO) with relevant keywords relation to your business
    3. Hosting of your landing page on our server in our business directory
    4. Marketing Video promoting your business incorporated into the landing page. Uploaded to our YouTube channel and fully optimised for your keywords
    5. A Video Advert for you to use on Facebook and other social media or anywhere else, promoting any service or product. This advert is supplied in an MP4 movie format and is yours to use as many times as you wish.
    6. Ongoing management to ensure your landing page and video continue to meet SEO requirements and high Google ranking
    7. Promotion on our Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage views and shares

    It is designed for an ongoing marketing campaign aimed at promoting your business, though it can be used for promoting just one particular aspect.

    Why Landing Pages Work

    Landing pages are desined specifically for one purpose and this is how we structure them. They concentrate on one product or service and should have no distraction such as a Menu, Social Media Links. Nor should they give a customer too much choice. They are there because an advertising campaign or a search engine listing has sent them there so you tell them what they want to know and nothing else.

    From your Landing Page you can send visitors where you want them to go.

    You are not restricted to just one Landing Page and you can have different landing pages for different promotions. Under this system however, you should look at them as an ongoing promotion.

    Why Marketing Videos Work

    People love video. They will watch an interesting video every time rather than read text. Visual input is so much easier. The video must beinteresting and to the point and in this system is the door that opens to your Landing Page so must tell the same story or Message Match with it. Videos can rank much faster than websites or landing pages providing you know how to do it and under this system should be though of as an extended advert.

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    For short term or one-off promotions look at our Events Marketing System Here