Standard Landing Page

£25.00 / month

If you do any form of advertising then a great landing page will make it substantially more effective

A landing page focuses your advert to show visitors exactly why they visited your site.

It exactly matches your advert in terms of terminology and images (if you have any) but explains in much more detail the offer, product or service that you are advertising.

A landing page will have a strong and strategically placed patter of Call to Action buttons that point the visitor to where you want them to go.


Small Business Landing Page

Designed to match any product or advertising campaig and to help convert enquiries without distraction or complication for the visitor.

Designed in a tried and tested format to give maximum information with a minimum of fuss for your customers.

This landing page format can be used for Lead Generation, a SIngle Product information, Email Capture or linking to an affiliate offer sales page.

Landing pages are extremely effective ay converting visitors as they are focused on the reason people visited it in the first plsce.