Event Marketing System

An online advertising campaign designed to advertise a single product, service or event

What Is The Event Marketing System

The Websitze Event Marketing System

 An Online Marketing System To Market Special Events or Offers for Offline Businesses

Using the highly effective Landing Page system which creates a short video advert and matches is message with greater explanation with a web page or landing page that gives greater information about the product or event and has dedicated links that sends visitors to the page to the place where they can buy, book it or contact the business or organisers direct.

Simple and Slick

The system is simply an online advertising campaign for one product or service. It works for any type or size of business and is incredibly effective and at an amazing low price.

Short Video

The video last no longer than 15-30 seconds and replicates much of the advertising seen on TV. At a much more affordable codt of course. The advert is totally focused on that one product and you can use anywhere where video can be used. Website, Facebook and other social media. All links in the video supporting message link back to the landing page.

Landing Page

The landing page repeats the message in the video but expands upon it. It is vital to the success of any advertising campaign as it is focused totally on that campaign. It gives the visitor the opportunity to click a link to buy, join, book or whatever the prupose is.

You can’t do that from a newspaper or TV screen

What Benefits From This Scheme

Such a campaign is usually a one-off campaign and therefore is a single payment product. We have done a whole host of such campaigns for sports shops, restaurants, health food shops, dentists, fashion outlets, beauty practitioners and many more from sole traders to large retailers too. We are very good at it. Not perhaps in the John Lewis class but then our scheme cost £99 not £7 million that their Christmas video is reported to have cost to produce

Some of the restaurant campaigns for example have been for Mothers’ day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year events

Many have been for special sales or one off product stock clearance. In fact there is nothing that can be sold that can be marketed this way.

The Event Marketing System Consists of 2 Parts

A Video Advert Geared To One Product, Service or Event and a Message Matched Landing Page Focusing on That Product


Video Advert

The video ad is created by us to meet your advertising campaign requirements

  • Short Video 15-30 seconds long
  • Supplied in MP4 format to be used anywhere
  • Focuses on 1 product only
  • That product can be an event or service too


Landing Page

Built and hosted by us to reflect exactly the message in your video advert

  • Message matched specifically to your video advert
  • Focused solely on the product, service or event you are promoting
  • Fully optimised for search engines
  • Listed in our business directory and hosted on our website

Business Marketing Essentials To Increase Conversions


  • A Clear Message With No Distractions

  • Use of Video on a Website and on Social Media

  • Good Visual Appearance

  • Message Matching Every Advert To A Web Page

  • Easy Calls To Action

  • Building a Brand

  • Supporting Any Type of Advertising With an Online Presence Using A Well Structured Landing Page

Online Marketing Pricing Tables

Online Marketing System
£40.00 per month
Standard Landing Page
Marketing Video
Free Event System (valid 12 mths)
Designed Specifically For Your Business
Marketing Video Only
£25.00 per month
SEO Optimised
Hosted For You on Our YouTube Channel
Geared Specifically To Your Needs
Standard Landing Page
£25.00 per month
SEO Optimised
Hosted for You
Designed Specifically For Your Business
Event Marketing
£99.00 One Time
Landing Page
Video Advert
Completely Message Matched to a Single Product Promotion
Single Payment